Macro Trend Reports

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Use the Macro Trend Report page to quickly and easily create reports filtered by Sub-Section, Region, FDA Center, and even your own Suppliers.

  • CFR Trend Reports
  • Annual Inspection Trends
  • 483 Report by Keyword or Keyword Category
  • Warning Letter Report by Keyword or Keyword Category
  • Observation Report

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When you build a report of CFR Trends by Part, Section, or Subsection, results are shown in two or three tables.
  • (number of citations) table, sorted by most citations first.
  • (number of inspections) table, sorted by most inspections citing that CFR Part or CFR Section first.
  • Inspection Details table, sorted most recent date first.
Govzilla Macro Trend Report - CFR Trends


Annual Inspection Trends by Center, Region, or Country  and then filter and re-sort the tables, and export individual tables to CSV files. 

  • Number of FDA Inspections: inspections count per year and total for the time range.
  • 483 Issuance Rate and Warning Letter Issuance Rate: percentage of inspections that result in 483s or Warning letters.
  • Number of 483s and Number of WLs: Counts of findings per year and totals for the region.


Report on 483s by a specific keyword or by keyword category:

  • 483 Trends Pareto Chart
  • 483 Issue Trending
  • % of 483s with Issue
  • # of 483s with Issue
  • Individual Keyword Count
  • Keyword hits per 483 Tagged
  • Inspection Details
Govzilla Macro Trend Report - Keywords
Govzilla Citation Table


The CFR citation table consolidates all CFR citations the investigator has issued. They are sorted by the number of citations, and then alphabetically by CFR section identifier.

Each specific CFR citation includes a list of the inspections that resulted in 483s, shown as links with the company name and date of inspection, with the most recent inspection first. Clicking the link opens the Inspection Details page.


The last element on the page is the List of All <#> Inspections table. The table is sorted by date, with the most recent inspection first.

The List of All Inspections table works like the table on the Inspections page, including filtering, sorting, and jumping to inspection details.

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