Investigator Profile

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The Investigator Profile page includes details that may give you insight into the kinds of things investigators look for in inspections. 

  • An overview of the investigator’s statistics
  • A short Inspection Record with their overall and recent inspection statistics
  • A CFR citation list
  • A list of co-investigators
  • A list of all of the investigator’s inspections that we know about

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This section includes a quick look at the investigator’s statistics:
  • The number of inspections
  • The percentage of those that received 483s
  • The numbers of 483s and Warning Letters issued
  • The countries the investigator has worked in

With a click of a button you can:

  • Download all of the Investigator’s Observations
  • Download all of the Investigator’s 483s
  • View the Investigator’s LinkedIn Profile
  • Verify employee status
Govzilla Investigator Overview


This section includes overall, previous year, and current year statistics about the inspections the investigator has participated in. Current year data includes inspections up to the date listed on the Home page.


Below the inspection record, a table lists all the investigator’s co-inspectors. These are sorted by the number of inspections completed, and then by surname. You can click any investigator’s name to go to their Investigator Profile page.
Govzilla Investigator Co-inspectors
Govzilla Citation Table


The CFR citation table consolidates all CFR citations the investigator has issued. They are sorted by the number of citations, and then alphabetically by CFR section identifier.

Each specific CFR citation includes a list of the inspections that resulted in 483s, shown as links with the company name and date of inspection, with the most recent inspection first. Clicking the link opens the Inspection Details page.


The last element on the page is the List of All <#> Inspections table. The table is sorted by date, with the most recent inspection first.

The List of All Inspections table works like the table on the Inspections page, including filtering, sorting, and jumping to inspection details.

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