Inspection Reports

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Inspection Reports allow you to consolidate data from thousands of inspections into easy-to-use tables of metrics.  Inspection Reports will search through:

  • Sites
  • Investigators
  • Countries
  • Your Groups
  • More

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Inspection Reports help you gain insight into your industry, locale, or investigator by searching every inspection in the database.

The search form on this page works especially well with Groups.  If you have defined Groups, you can restrict the search to the sites in those Groups.


After your initial search, the Inspection Report tables will appear and allow you to change the scope of the search by selecting one or more filters.

Highlighted numbers will appear next to filters—these are the number of times the search term occurs in each category.


Inspection Reports include the number of relevant inspections and a number of tables.  All of the tables can be resorted, filtered, and downloaded as CSV files.  These tables will show:

  • Inspectors
  • Sites
  • Citation Reports
  • Keyword Reports
  • Warning Letter and 483 Reports


The Inspection Details table can be filtered even further and shows all associated citations and keywords.

The tables include links that will take you to listed sites, keywords, countries, documents, and more.

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