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Creating groups allows you to quickly assess all sites of a company together.  You can create groups of:

  • Your company sites
  • Suppliers
  • Competitors
  • Any group of sites you need for statistics reports

Please upgrade your account for unlimited access to Groups.


The Groups feature spans multiple search areas within the platform, allowing you to quickly and easily filter by the sites you need to report on or benchmark, such as your company sites, suppliers, or your competitors.


Under the Sites tab, search for the company you are looking for.  Click the checkboxes under the “Label” column for your selected sites.  Or, you can click the “Select All” link to include all search results in your group.


If you would like to create sub-groups, for example, for specific geographic locations, you can easily create a new group and nest it underneath the main group.


The Groups you have created will appear under the following sections:

  • Inspection Reports
  • Macro Trend Reports
  • Benchmarks
  • Observations

In any of these sections, you can use Groups as filters to see reports for a specific Group or reports comparing multiple Groups.

In the Groups section, you can easily manage your groups and download CSV files of entire Groups.


In the Groups tab, each Group will show the options to categorize by Sites, Inspections, and Non-FDA Inspections.

Any other health agency inspection data of a site will be available to view and download from the Non-FDA Inspections tab.

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