44 New Featured FDA 483s | November 24, 2015

Here are the featured FDA 483s for the week. You can obtain these at the FDAzilla 483s store here>>

Inspection End Date Company City/Local State/Region Country
12/14/2012 Actavis Salt Lake City UT United States
1/14/2011 Actavis Salt Lake City UT United States
10/17/2014 Allergy Laboratories, Inc. Oklahoma City OK United States
12/19/2014 Baxter Corporation Englewood Englewood CO United States
9/23/2013 Biomat USA, Inc. Seattle WA United States
5/30/2014 Bracco Diagnostics Inc Monroe Township NJ United States
8/11/2014 Brown’s Compounding Center, Inc. Englewood CO United States
2/24/2014 Ceutical Laboratories, Inc Farmers Branch TX United States
3/28/2014 China Resources Sanjiu Medical and Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shenzhen China
10/7/2014 Cima Technology Inc Pittsburgh PA United States
1/7/2015 Comfort Acrylics, Inc Camas WA United States
8/1/2014 Dawn of Time LLC Bloomingdale OH United States
4/14/2014 Dr. John P. Bilezikian New York NY United States
4/25/2014 Dr. Raja T. Abboud Vancouver Canada
1/23/2015 Electro Cap International Inc Eaton OH United States
2/9/2010 Ethox International, Inc. Buffalo NY United States
10/22/2014 Health & Wellness Compounding Pharmacy Inc Nashville TN United States
9/18/2014 Hieber’s Pharmacy Pittsburgh PA United States
3/24/2014 Instratek, Incorporated Houston TX United States
3/28/2014 John M. Wise, M.D. Bozeman MT United States
8/5/2014 Johnson Memorial Cancer Center Enfield CT United States
4/15/2014 Jubilant HollisterStier, LLC Spokane WA United States
1/20/2015 Laboratoires Boiron Ste Foy Les Lyon France
12/8/2014 Lifeport, Inc. Woodland WA United States
12/23/2014 Mediana Technologies Corporation Redmond WA United States
3/26/2013 Merge Healthcare, Inc. Hartland WI United States
8/13/2014 Midwest Medical Isotopes LLC Oklahoma City OK United States
3/18/2014 Nelson Watts M.D. Cincinnati OH United States
10/10/2014 Numed Inc Hopkinton NY United States
3/18/2014 Ohm Laboratories, Inc. North Brunswick NJ United States
6/19/2012 Pacific Coast Tissue Bank Los Angeles CA United States
9/9/2014 Perry Drug Inc. Overland Park KS United States
8/24/2012 Pl Developments, Inc. Westbury NY United States
9/17/2014 Pl Developments, Inc. Westbury NY United States
12/10/2014 Precision Biometrics Seattle WA United States
10/8/2014 Reimers Systems Inc Lorton VA United States
3/22/2012 Rohm and Haas France S.A.S. Chauny France
1/14/2015 Spectrum Surgical Supply Corp Stow OH United States
1/22/2015 Stason Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Irvine CA United States
10/28/2009 Sysmex America, Inc. Mundelein IL United States
8/6/2014 Trout Lake Farm, LLC. Trout Lake WA United States
8/14/2014 Vinyas Innovative Technologies Pvt., Ltd. Mysore India
1/17/2014 Walter J. Doll, Ph. D. Lexington KY United States
1/7/2015 Wexford Labs Inc Kirkwood MO United States

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